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Here at Taybian Publishing, we LOVE producing amazingly designed content, that people love to read and devour.

Our new publishing arm, under the Taybian Group banner, has been opened to specifically cater to print and digital published consumer content.

We have three core sections to our publishing arm: mini-magazines, books and other print/digital booklets or publications. If we don’t have it listed, ask us and I am sure we will be able to assist you.

We have years of experience with copywriting, design, layout and printing of publications such as annual reports, product catalogues and magazines.


We love content creation, we love design and layout, we love promoting and representing brands to a consumer in the best possible light, that is engaging to consumers.

Whether you are a shopping centre, chain of retailers or a precinct that wants to create it’s own mini-magazine, we are here to help you and your retailers make your product/service appeal to your target audience.

We can offer the full service product, whereby we source all the content, design your mini-mag, print and distribute, or we can just look after the design and print for you. Whatever your need, we are able to work with you to bring your mini-mag to fruition!


I am going to be honest… this is my passion project, so to speak.

Hi, I am Melissa Hoedel, Director of Taybian Group Pty Ltd, and for years there has been an accumulating bank of books in my creative mind, of which I have wanted to publish. I want to publish my own books, but I also want to provide our services for others to be able to do so.

If you have written a book, or have the concept for a great book, we would love to work with you! The following are the types of books that we ideally publish. We can assist you with the illustration, design, layout and printing of your printed or digital book.

  • Children’s Books
  • Coffee Table books, including: art, design, interiors, lifestyle, etc.
  • Cook books

We LOVE visually inspiring books!

Other Types of Publishing

We have worked with clients to produce other publications. We have a penchant for formatting and love to work on different types of publications, from annual reports (these are one of our favourites), to dining or precinct publications, to product catalogues. If what you have in mind isn’t below, shoot us through an email to find out how we can help!

  • Annual Reports
  • Dining Publications
  • Product catalogues

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