Our Approach


We built a strong Business Development strategy. This included:

  • Working with existing clients to provide them with the best possible channel of promotion for the product
  • Seeking new prospective clients to feature in the magazine
  • Developing and producing editorial ‘lifestyle’ content
  • Revising distribution channels and eliminating channels that were not performing and introducing new highly targeted channels


Taybian restructured the magazine to increase readability and to introduce a more editorial feel. The team worked hard at separating out a variety of precincts within Brisbane and creating content that was lead by these areas. This made the magazine and online content much easier to navigate and search within.
We created content not only for the new website, but also for the print magazine.


Having been given the challenge of growing the readership, increasing their online presence as well as growing their social channels, Taybian put together a marketing strategy that was designed to hit targets, by looking at creating great content. Within the strategy proposed, the idea of a ‘gourmet trail of the Sunshine Coast’ was put together. This would not only promote local businesses, but would be easily accessed by the readers of the magazine who would be able then to follow the trail and unlock all the best places to eat. This was a scalable strategy, and could be implemented in a variety of areas across Queensland.


A new website was in order when it changed hands to accommodate all of the new user-friendly content and structure that was proposed by the Taybian team. This new website was put together with UX best practices, and reflected the changes within the magazine that were proposed in the strategy.

Dining Out Magazine

An established in South East Queensland for over 25 years, the Dining Out Magazine is an A5 printed booklet publication, showcasing Brisbane’s best dining options. It has an annual distribution of over 500,000 copies throughout the region. Taybian was brought on board when it was taken over by new owners, who wanted a new look and feel, as well as guidance on the content and how to translate this onto the online space. We worked with them in a Business Development, Design and Marketing capacity.

Major Achievements & Results

  • Established a strong Business Development strategy (B2B)
  • Revised all distribution channels
  • Established a strong marketing strategy
  • Built a comprehensive website
  • Built social channels
  • Designed a new layout for the magazine
  • Introduced editorial ‘lifestyle’ content to the magazine (previously the magazine was only ad content)
  • Introduced ‘precincts’ to the magazine, for user-friendly use of the publication