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About us

Taybian Group Pty Ltd is a boutique, full service marketing agency, based in Brisbane. We have worked with businesses of all sizes and helped them to grow and develop their brand. We are proud to be aligned with some fantastic Australian brands. We have three specific arms to our company:

Taybian Marketing & Design, Taybian Project Marketing and Taybian Publishing.

Hi, my name is Melissa Hoedel, I am the director of Taybian Group Pty Ltd, and I lead an incredible team of specialists. I love working with companies that are driven and passionate about their brand, product and service. I love nothing more than taking the time to understand a client’s needs and objectives, this provides myself and my team with what we need to ensure a successful marketing strategy and deliver desired outcomes.

Our Services

@ Taybian Marketing & Design we want to work with you to grow your brand, product, service. Our success lies in our strategic and holistic approach. Whether it be just one digital ad or an entire campaign, our approach considers all other marketing elements in play. We love building brands!

@ Taybian Project Marketing we are working with mid-tier property developers, we offer a complete marketing and advertising solution. For every project that we work on we apply our enterprising creative flair and strategic approach, to ensure that we are able to deliver measurable bottom-line results for our clients property development projects. We are passionate about property!

@ Taybian Publishing, print or digital, we LOVE publishing! We have three core sections to our publishing arm:
Mini-mags, books and other print/digital booklets or publications. We have years of experience with copywriting, design, layout and printing of publications such as annual reports, product catalogues and magazines.

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