Our Approach


We built a simple yet comprehensive marketing strategy to build brand awareness and drive traffic to their website. Social media and PR were key contributors to this strategy.


We worked with local media to garner some key PR coverage.


We designed and printed various collateral for Schoolstuff, including: sales folders, brochures and postcards. We also designed digital assets, for use on the website, social and other purposes.


We developed various merchandise and signage for Schoolstuff, including branded: pens, lolly packs, lanyards, frisbees and more. We designed and supplied signage including banner and bow flags.


There were no quality images to use to promote their location, team and products, so we photographed all of these key elements and they are used throughout all aspects of marketing.


Schoolstuff is one of the largest providers of pre-packed booklists to schools in Brisbane. Taybian were engaged to put together a strategy for their marketing, local PR outreach as well as social media. This is primarily to establish a strategy for the peak season, and for their team to manage internally, once established.

Major Achievements & Results

  • Built a quality image library of the shop, team and products
  • Established some key media relationships
  • Established a strong social media strategy