Our Approach


The brand was already established when Taybian came on board, so we evolved the brand adding to it a variety of smaller mini-brands. We created these to involve a larger group of residents of the local areas and to attract new kinds of sellers and buyers to the market itself.


Though this was a local community market, we became known as a destination market. Our marketing strategy and approach was the driving factor to achieve this, along with the development of the market itself. The market provided so much great content and opportunity to promote and market. Social was a particularly successful channel.


As this was a local market, much of the advertising was locally targeted. We achieved great results with letterbox drops in targeted suburbs.


We worked with local media, across all channels, to promote the market. The stallholders and businesses associated with the market constantly provided quality content for media.
We also worked with several Influencers and Brisbane ‘what to do’ websites, to promote the market. The success in this PR is where the market moved from a local community market, to a destination market.


Taybian introduced some sub brands, such at the “Mini Makers Market”, as well as introduced some key graphics to visually highlight and clearly communicate certain aspects of the market, eg Bike Friendly’ and ‘Dog Friendly’. We designed digital content, brochures, signage, banners and merchandise.


We provided print solutions for stationary, business cards, brochures, postcards and signage.


We worked at the market from bump in to bump out. We were hands on in all aspects of the running of the market, including working with the founder to manage stallholders, sponsors, media, social media, promotion, etc.

Love Your Local Markets

We worked with the Love Your Local Markets for a year. We worked with the founder to move the market from a Sunday morning to a Friday twilight market, to increase patronage. We worked on all aspects of the market, from operations, managing stalls, sponsorship, media partnerships, marketing and PR.
We also worked with them to build and brand other additions to the Love your Local Markets, which included the ‘Mini Makers Market’.

Though this was a local community market, we became known as a destination market.
This was a very hands-on project that was based in providing the local community with a regular vibrant event that also supported local businesses. This was a very rewarding project.

Major Achievements & Results

Working very closely with the founder, we achieved the following:

  • Significantly increased market patronage
  • Developed more aspects to the market, i.e. Mini Makers Market, free Friday twilight yoga, etc.
  • Garnered significant PR and local community support
  • Styled the market to offer a real atmosphere for a twilight market
  • Built social media engagement