Our Approach


We built an integrated marketing strategy targeting the key audiences.
As this was an existing festival with good patronage, we had a good amount of data about the target audience. This provided good foundations to our overall strategy. We managed the festival’s social channels, worked with ALH Group to build a website and maintain brand consistency across all collateral. We worked with local media and influencers to promote the event.


This campaign focused on digital and social advertising, as well as key ‘Must Do’ websites and publications in Brisbane. Key social influencers were engaged to promote the event to their respective audiences. We also used some traditional forms of advertising and promotion in the development of a brochure which was distributed to key channels to engage our desired target market and executed some print campaigns as well.


We worked with local media to garner some great PR in the lead up to the event. Print and radio were very successful.


Despite the festival already being established, there was no website. We worked with ALH Group to build a website on their preferred platform. We were able to achieve a great result that effectively communicated the festival and all that it included. This was created in a very tight time frame but turned it around quickly and to a high standard.


We had our on-site team at the festival to manage all aspects of the marketing and PR for the day. We managed the social channels, social influencers and managed the documentation of the festival.


We worked with one of our photographers to capture the life and fun of this festival. As it was a day and night festival, there was a range of people that attended, from families during the day to people partying into the night. It was important to capture all aspects of the festival.


As the festival was already established, there was video footage for us to initially work with to develop digital advertising campaigns. Our videographer also comprehensively documented the festival, from day to night.

Stones Corner Festival

We were engaged by the ALH Group (and Stones Corner Hotel), to market and promote this great community street festival in 2016. We marketed the event, through digital and traditional channels, as well as considerable PR for the event.

Major Achievements & Results

  • 10,000 pax patronage to this great community festival
  • Produced a comprehensive image library of the event
  • Produced a comprehensive video library of the event