Our Approach


We built a strategy and plan for marketing these iconic vessels of the Brisbane River. We reviewed this annually to adjust to industry and market conditions, as well as consumer behaviour. Our strategy was integrated as there were so many aspect to marketing the product.
*Note, since we worked with the Kookaburra River Queens, it has be purchased by another company and they have rebranded. This includes a new website build.


We worked with print and online publications for advertising of this product.
We also worked with online digital advertising to build brand awareness and drive ticket sales.


We worked with tv, print and radio to promote these iconic vessels on the Brisbane River.


Taybian managed the B2B relationships with a variety of tourism entities. We worked with Brisbane Marketing, TEQ (Tourism & Events Queensland) and the ATDW (Aust Tourism Data Warehouse) and Tourism Australia to promote the product. We also worked closely with the corporate market to drive leads to the sales team for functions, weddings and events.


As part of the brand strategy a new website was built. User experience and conversions at the forefront of this website redevelopment, meant that a fully responsive site was created to provide a high quality experience for the end consumers.
Taybian were also charged with creating content for the new website. This was done with SEO best practices in mind and keyword research to strengthen the position of the new website in the SERPs. We were able to create highly optimised content for this new site which helped it rank in Google.


As we were at the helm of driving the strategy, we put in place new styles of graphics for the print and online collateral. We worked to increase brand awareness by designing all of the graphics for the marketing campaigns, including their business cards, flyers, posters, signage and banners all of which had strong messaging and more streamlined design with strong call to actions.


For all of the offline communications and advertisements, we managed the printing of every piece that was created. These ranged from brochures to folders, and from flyers to menus all of which had a very strong brand-led message to increase brand awareness.


We introduced several merchandise items as an additional revenue stream and
build brand awareness. These included postcards, stubby coolers, t-shirts, caps, pins, magnets, pens, umbrellas, scarves, water bottles and more.


Over our tenure with the Kookaburra River Queens, we built a comprehensive image library that is still in use today by the company and Brisbane Marketing, as showcase images of the vessels on the Brisbane River.

Kookaburra River Queens

Taybian worked with Kookaburra River Queens for a number of years. We managed all aspects of their marketing strategy and implementation, including, but not limited to, advertising (traditional and digital), special events promotion, social media, PR, EDM’s and other inbound marketing. We worked with various partners and distribution channels that on-sell the product, we developed industry and business relationships as well as working with local and national tourism boards to promote the product.

Major Achievements & Results

  • Rebuilt a user-friendly website, to assist with driving ticket sales.
  • Developed additional revenue stream of brand aligned advertising on board these iconic vessels of the Brisbane River.
  • Developed a calendar of successful special events.
  • Garnered local and national PR coverage.
  • Restructured internal marketing processes for efficiency.
  • Pulled the brand together for consistency and brand recognition, by building strong brand guidelines.
  • Built a comprehensive image library.