Our Approach


We introduced an umbrella brand to the overall group, as well as individual brands for each property underneath this umbrella. There was a common thread to the branding for each property, so they were clearly identifiable as part of the group.
We commenced this project understanding the business objectives that were most important to the key stakeholders at Charlton Hotels and translated this into a strong and recognisable identity.


We built a marketing strategy and plan in line with the stakeholders objectives. As our contract was for a 12 month period, there was a lot to achieve within this time, hence why careful strategic planning was paramount to ensuring that the objectives were achieved. Our strategy and plan took a completely comprehensive and integrated approach.


Strategic placements of adverts in both on and offline channels were key to our overall strategy. With four different properties with different facilities and offerings, each properties approach was slightly different. Whilst we did work with traditional advertising channels, much of our focus with online as we were able to determine clear ROI.


We worked with our developers to design a new website for each property. We also produced all the content including, copy, images and promotional video. The websites served two primary purposes; to provide comprehensive and relevant information about the property and to drive accommodation sales.


An extension of the brand build, we rolled out new printed collateral to all properties. We also worked with the signwriters for new signage at each of the properties. All digital assets were also built in alignment with the new branding and advertising templates (for both print and digital) were established, to provide brand consistency through all channels of delivery.


We developed a range of group merchandise, including pens, uniforms, caps, notepads and stationery, as well as other merchandise items.


We produced a comprehensive image library for each of the properties, detailing the interior and exterior of the properties, as well as unique features of each property.


We worked with videographers to produce a promotional video to showcase the individual properties.

Charlton Hotels

Charlton Hotels is a locally owned group of four accommodation properties, based in Brisbane, encompassing accommodation, restaurant and function facilities. We were engaged to pull the branding together for the properties and provide a complete marketing solution to all of the properties, collectively and individually. During our tenure, we built their brand identities, built a website (for each property), developed an image library for each venue, worked with industry and distribution channels, built a marketing and communication strategy and plan, produced promotional videos of each property, worked with each venue individually to cater for each property’s needs.

Major Achievements & Results

  • Built a cohesive umbrella brand and individual property brands
  • Built websites for each property
  • Built a comprehensive image library
  • Built a comprehensive marketing strategy and plan